Where have I been? By Lady B is back at a NEW address!

To my First and Loyal readers,

Hey, remember me? I’m back, and I owe you an apology. I’ve taken a break from this blog for far too long. I’m sorry I took a break without telling you.

A few factors of life led to this break. My senior year of college swept me up in a storm of busyness. I’ve dealt with writer’s block and wrestled with God about my calling into ministry vs the marketplace. I took time to recenter myself, reevaluate why I was writing and who I was really writing for. During this break, I meditated and prayed over these things with God and rebranded By Lady B. To those who have stayed subscribed during this break, thank you so so much for your commitment. I’m incredibly grateful for each and every one of you who have read my blog over these past three years. It’s because of you, I wanted to continue writing and give this blog new purpose. So after this long long break, I have good news …

By Lady B is back and brand new as By Lady Bry, a lifestyle blog providing advice and encouragement on pursuing a life full of faith, physical health, and mental wellness. It’s a feel good blog, meant to pick you up on your good and bad days. At By Lady Bry, you will discover your worth in the Lord and nourish your Spirit. I post new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Check out my new blog today at byladybry.com. For regular updates and weekly devotionals, like me on Facebook. I invite you to join me and see how God speaks on this new site. Exciting things are coming! The Best is Yet to Come!

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5 Days of Home-Cooked Meals: My Experience


Washington DC is a underrated food city. Any food you want, we got it and it’s good! Lebanese, Greek, Ethiopian, American Burgers, Shakes, Ice Cream, you name it. Farmer’s Markets are open on the weekdays AND weekends. Food trucks park next to office buildings. We got Haagan Daaz, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Burger Tap & Shake, Chick Fil A, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and an endless list of independent DC-exclusive restaurants. Did I mention I LOVE my city?

Lately, I’ve felt the overwhelming temptation to buy all of my meals outside of home instead of cooking. I mean, with all the food I just listed, can you blame me for feeling tempted? After a particularly expensive weekend of restaurant, I abstained from takeout food for five weekdays. I could only eat food from a grocery store (Giant, Whole Foods, etc). I couldn’t eat any meal or snack out, so I excluded restaurants AND cafes (not even Starbucks). Here are the biggest lessons learned from my experience:
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What Can I Do With All This Pain?

In response to the recent tragedies throughout the world this week, particularly the three shootings and seven people lost, my church’s sermon today was so encouraging, exactly what I needed to hear, rooted in God’s word that I want to share it with you. I will post a video of the whole sermon as soon as it’s released. Below are my notes on how God was speaking to me this morning: Continue reading “What Can I Do With All This Pain?”