A Test of Faith | Aletheia Testimony #1

To start of my Aletheia testimony series, I decided to start with a recent story of how God tested my faith in his goodness. After months of searching, I recently received an exciting work opportunity over the summer. Now, by no means am I using this testimony to brag. I give all credit in getting this opportunity to God. For more information about my Aletheia Testimony series, check out my last post. Enjoy!

The following story is my raw, minimally edited testimony of and encounter with God’s perfection and good intentions.

It all started with the beginning of the new year. One of my first new years resolutions was to gain strong muscles, physically and spiritually. Still working on the physical part, but spiritually, I wanted to develop stronger faith this year. In the past, I have had issues with having “fake faith.” I would say I believed God was going to do something, but I wouldn’t act like I thought he was going to do it.  This issue would come into play in the coming months. 

Since my sophomore year, I dreamed of studying abroad in Europe. Ask my Nana. I’ve dreamed of riding a red convertible in Paris since I was a little girl. Coming into the second semester of my junior year, I prepared my application to a summer internship program in London.  The program accepted me, and I completed a preliminary interview. I was all set to start interviewing with pr firms abroad. Then, in late January, a study abroad advisor informed me that there is no financial aid available for summer programs. Suddenly, I could not afford to go to London.

At the same time, out of the blue, I received an email from a PR firm in New York City. The HR department received my resume from a job fair  I went to last semester. To my amazement, they wanted an interview. After a brief phone interview, they asked me to go to New York for a second interview.  So while I was disappointed that I would not be able to go to London, I wasn’t upset because I believed I had this even better opportunity in New York. It seemed like a perfect, God-given opportunity. It was a healthcare PR agency, perfect for me in an exciting new location. 

Valentines Day weekend, I spent the money for train tickets, missed classes, and took time to drive into New York City just to interview at this PR firm. Prior to my arrival, I had spent hours printing my portfolio and putting it into I had spent time praying with my mentors, who encouraged me to take a big step of faith in this situation and just ask God for the internship. It wasn’t your typical process; in an hour and a half, I interviewed with three different people. I really believed I had that internship. I was certain that if I went out of my way to put extra effort into everything I would definitely get the job. 

But God had even better plans. After waiting three weeks for a reply, God closed my door to New York City on the second day of my spring break. At that point, I was not only upset that my big step of faith didn’t work, but I panicked because I had not plans for the summer. In mid-March, most students have already applied to summer internships and taken offers.

April came around, and I lost hope. I wanted to apply to as many summer internships as possible, but with final exams in the works, I hardly had time. I desperately sent out four more internship applications, praying over each one before clicking send.

Meanwhile, I tried to stay in a constant state of worship. I listened to multiple sermons on faith. I squeezed in a few devotionals to find scriptures. From my campus ministry to church to my quiet time, I yearned to connect with God. I asked for wisdom, discernment, and direction in alignment with His plans.

Rather quickly, I got one interview. Two weeks, later, they didn’t give me a reply. I got another interview, my last resort. If I didn’t get that last opportunity, I would literally have no plans this summer. After the interview, I hit rock bottom. All of my faith spent, my impatience pushed me to a point of spiritual exhaustion. I felt like I was in a dark pit of depression and hopelessness. At that point, all I could do was cry out to God. No mentor, parent, book, or any Earthly thing could help me.

BUT God’s Word is the sword agaisnt all adversity. Here’s a few I found during this test of faith: Ephesians 2:8 says faith is a gift from God! I John 4:18 reminds us His perfect love takes away all fear!  Luke 17:6 says you only need faith the size of a mustard seed …

In the end, God gave me the PERFECT opportunity because He is a PERFECT  God! The day before final exams started, a PR firm in Washington DC offered me a full-time, paid internship! When I got the letter, I couldn’t even believe it. The first words from my mouth were shouts of praise: Hallelujah! God is real, and He is good! Always!

Looking back, words cannot begin to explain how this experience was an incredible test of faith. I had never experienced anything like this before, when I wanted something so bad, God made me wait so long, but he blessed me far beyond my expectations. For the first time in my life, I had to depend solely on God because I physically could do nothing else.

In the end, God gave me what I prayed for. Not just an internship over the summer, but stronger spiritual muscles gained by a heightened faith in my Lord Almighty. My original big step of faith with the NYC internship actually did work, in the sense that the bold prayer led me to put even more faith in God for my later internship applications. God knew the opportunity I needed and opened the door. Since then, everything thing has fallen into place because I stuck to God’s will. I have learned a “big step in faith” is more than just one step, but requires multiple trials, baby steps that turn into a big leap of trust landing in God’s arms.

Another lesson learned: God always makes you wait until the last possible minute. It’s absolutely agonizing. His timing goes against all laws of nature and doesn’t respect any Earthly deadlines, BUT His timing is perfect. There’s a Baptist hymn that goes something like: “He may not come when you want him, but he’ll be there right on time. He’s an on-time God!” Creating spiritual patience is a part of building faith, faith that God is working even in times of idleness. God is active in your life, stirring up blessings and tribulations all with good intentions. Some of the greatest blessings in life come from increased intimacy with Him. Essentially, not all gifts from God are free; If you want your blessings, you have to meet God to get them, not the other way around.

Thanks for reading! I truly appreciate each and every person that reads even a few words of my blog. It means so much. I hope my story revealed: God has good intentions for your future; He makes us go through trials and closes doors to remind us He ultimately has control; He does all things for our good. Comment below if you have any questions or topic suggestions for future Aletheia testimonies. 

Be Blessed,

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