Where have I been? – A Life Update

Hi friends! ByLadyB has been resurrected! lol #EasterJokes. So it’s been a while. If there’s anyone who follows my blog, you might have been wondering why I haven’t been posting. Don’t worry. Nothing terrible has happened. I’m still abiding in Christ. I hate to give an excuse, but LIFE happened. Midterms. Conferences. Holy Spirit Encounters. Here’s an update on what God’s been doing in my life in the past month:

Why did I leave?

Honestly, before I launched into this fruitful season with this blog, making it to its fullest potential. I needed time to contemplate with God what he was calling me to do with this blog. Its purpose in His will. Now, I am ready to redirect my focus to using my gift to his glory and sharing God’s truth online. Pray the Holy Spirit speaks through me as we re-embark on this journey!


A spiritual tribulation in itself that does not need to be explained. I’d rather not remember.

ENC (Every Nations Campus) Conference

My church friends and I attended a conference at Grace Covenant Church in Chantilly, Virginia. Prior to going, I had heard so much hype about it, but I went in after a long week, not expecting or asking anything. And then of course, God showed up. That past week, I came in very discouraged. I felt inadequate to do his work or share his Gospel. That first night, God hit me with a wave of affirmation. The pastor, Ron Lewis, told of his story of how he answered the call to ministry, originally planned to go to seminary, but then gave his first sermon on a bus. In that sermon, I felt such waves of love and affirmation, a reminder that God gives me my worth as his precious daughter. And the next night only got better. (I leave you with a cliff hanger as the rest of this testimony is coming in blog post soon.)

What I’m Reading:

Answering the Call: Understanding and Responding to the Call of Full-Time Ministry by Ron Lewis (I will explain this in later posts)

What I’m Listening to:

  • Transfiguration by Hillsong
  • Only You by Grace Covenant Worship
  • King of My Heart by John Mark and Sarah McMillan

Upcoming Blog Posts:

  • How to wait on God
  • Turning Prayers into Outcries
  • My Easter Praises
  • Comment below with any more requests!

Happy Resurrection Sunday! I pray that you have intimacy with God this weekend as you contemplate and celebrate his sacrifice. And Happy Spring! This is officially my favorite season. Coming out of winter, spring boosts my mood and the weather put a joy in my heart! Thank God for DC Cherry Blossoms! The start of Spring has inspired a new vigor in me. I want to pick my new years resolutions back up by working out regularly and posting to this blog every other week.

Be Blessed,

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