My 2016 New Years Resolution

happy new year

Last night, I went to a watch night service at a local church. Drunk on the Holy Spirit, without champagne 😉 , the congregation rang in the New Year with praise and worship, testimonies, and much thanksgiving. With the choir belting, hands raised to the heavens, and people shouting in tongues, I might as well have been at a Hillsong concert. Coming to that night, I already had my first resolution in mind. The testimonies and preacher brought to my mind other aspects of my spiritual life I need to work on in 2016. Here are my New Years Resolutions:

1. Strength: This coming year, I pray for strength, physical and spiritual strengthI’m tired of people calling me weak just because I’m a petite woman. Never tell a woman or girl she can’t do something because Such comments are not only offensive, but strikes the self-confidence. It makes me feel incapable. God says the opposite.”She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:25-26. I may not have the physical muscles, but I have the Holy Spirit power on my side, and that kind of power is enough for me.

2. Giving: Looking back on 2015, I remember all the stress and anxiety I experienced from worrying about my finances. From paying for school to everyday expenses, I struggled to find peace in that situation. I grew stingy and unwilling to give offering in church or elsewhere. I thought because I give my time and efforts, I don’t need to give money. Regardless, every time I would pass on an empty offering plate, I felt terribly ashamed and convicted. Then, at the watch service, a young married couple gave a testimony about God’s provision in financial situations. They started by telling the story of how they gave to a church member going on a missions trip. The followed that account with their testimony of how God helped them out of $20,000 of debt. Now they live debt free and happily give to God’s work in missionaries.

The testimony reminded of my experience support raising for my mission trip to Georgia in March. With the support of my church and family members, I raised over $1000, well over the original goal. Remembering this, I thought to myself angerly, “How could you forget?” How could I forget how bountifully God provided for my mission trip? In that moment, I let God convict me. He has been providing me since I came into this Earth, and everyday I hold my pennies and save up, acting like I don’t believe God’s going to provide for me again. Oh, me of little faith!  Therefore,  my second new year’s resolution is to work on my monetary generosity by giving offering in increasing increments of five each month. It’s still small, but it’s a start and better than I was before.

3. Growing the Blog: These past couple of years God has placed specific words on my heart: potential and purpose. Such words have played out in my work in campus ministry and my blog posts. I started this blog in December 2014 after my campus pastor said a striking statement that felt like God speaking to me directly: “Your story is for someone else.” Ever since I started this blog, I knew it had potential. I know this is the start to something big, the commencement of my vocation, the beginning of what God has in store for my gift. In 2016, I want to further discover the gift of writing God has given me, its every facet and capability. I want God’s truth to reach more people this year through this site. As my third new year’s resolution, I plan to write one blog post every other week. I’m letting the Holy Spirit loose to do His will. No matter how short, no matter the topic, no matter what happens, I want to write regularly without ceasing and see what God has to say. Comment below with blog post recommendations!

With these three goals in mind, I’m so excited for what God has in store this year! He has showers of blessings and grace coming your way as well. Comment your New Year’s Resolutions below. Let us encourage each other as we embark on new journeys this year!

Be blessed,

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