Going Public | An Exciting Announcement!

A few months ago, God told me to do something, and I ignored Him. This month, I’m finally starting that thing. Without giving too much away, let’s just say it’s a BIG thing. Like God’s calling for my life big. Have I peaked your interest yet? Read my latest blog post to find out about my little research project.

announcement JPEGAfter taking a step of faith and joining a campus ministry two years ago, I’ve been processing God’s purpose for my life. I’ve captured my battle between my mind and God’s direction on this blog through various posts (I will link below). Today, I’ve finally made a decision. It’s time to make it public.

Part 1: Winter Retreat

It started at Chi Alpha Campus Ministries Winter Retreat earlier this year. I describe the details of this experience here. The speaker E Scott Martin discussed God’s anointing for our lives. At that point in time, I had not idea what God’s anointing for my life could be, but this question continued to lingered in my mind.  As I said in my previous post,”God did not speak to me and tell me my destiny the way I expected.”  It took a few more months of searching for an answer.

Part 2: Anthropology

Next, I had a moment in the middle of my Anthropology class as told in this past post. I realized the significance of my Hydrocephalus in my life. (For background on this see “The Importance of Gratitude“) I live life differently than everyone else because my life started with a battle. I live knowing each day God gives me is truly a blessing because I wasn’t supposed to have any days on this Earth. “I have to serve Him. I have to praise Him because I. Owe. Him. Everything.”

Part 3: Midnight epiphany

Weeks later, after more thoughts about that big question: “What is my anointing?” I connected the dots with my Anthropology class epiphany. Just around midnight after I had laid my head on my pillow, I jolted up. Like a whisper in the night, I realized my anointing and wrote this note in my phone:

God’s anointing is my testimony about Hydrocephalus. This story of encouragement to tell. This story of grace, of love, of strength.

My Hydrocephalus is a part of me I’ve kept private my entire life. I can count the amount of people I’ve told on one hand. That was until I realized its significance. My story is evidence of God’s love, grace, and miracles on this Earth. My life alone is proof of His existence. If I want to share God’s truth with the world, if I want to make disciples and bring people closer to Him, I cannot hide that evidence any longer.

That midnight epiphany was followed by months of God pointing me to scripture of people bearing witness in the bible. The woman at the well in John 4. The disciples in Acts. People touched by Jesus’s miracles in the Gospels. I saw people witness to God and his son and his miracles and his love (the list goes on). Because of their testimony, people moved to believe in God and Jesus Christ as their Savior.  Meanwhile, that Holy Spirit voice in my head turned up the volume, urging me to let my story out.

Long story short, I’m writing a book about my experience with Hydrocephalus. Right now a book seems quite intimidating, so I’m calling it “my little research project.” I’m making my testimony public. As I’ve said many times on this blog, a long time ago I learned: my story is for someone else. This story is for the world.


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