My Rock in the Middle of an Earthquake

This is for anyone in a season of transition.


We all know the feeling. You’re going about your everyday life, whether that be work or school; everything is right with the world. You’re comfortable. Your days have a rhythm and routine. Wake up. Work. Dinner. Bed. Repeat. You’re complacent with how things are going–until then one event changes everything. Maybe your loved one passed away or your friend moved or you lost your job or you ended a relationship. Like a domino effect, once one part of your life changes, the rest comes shortly after, and quicker than comfortable.  Each day brings something new, but you resist, trying to go about your old routine and hold on to what was your life. But the Earth continues to crumble beneath you before your eyes. Sound like your life right now?

You are in a season of transition.

I know the feeling. I can’t even remember when my season started. In becoming a small group bible study leader, I transitioned from being a disciple to also discipling. I transitioned to leading a bible study by myself. The leadership at my home church changed. I transitioned in and out of a loving relationship. I went home to Connecticut and reacclimated to life in the suburbs. Away from school, I learned how to do God’s work and disciple outside of campus ministry. That’s only a part of my season; there’s even more happened I can’t share.  Before I knew it, half my college experience passed by. Now, all this transitioning has become an emotional rollercoaster.

It seems as if I am in a perpetual state of processing–processing what God’s doing and speaking in my life. As an introvert, I stay deep in thought. I’ve always been that way in the sense that I don’t just let life happen without my mind trying to make sense of it. I have to think about everything: What does this really mean? Why would God let this happen? How does this fit in to the grand scheme of God’s plan? How will this affect my future? My thoughtfulness turns into over-processing leading to over thinking forming a wall against the work of the Holy Spirit.

Beware: Your own mind can keep you from the Spirit in your heart. As He says in Isaiah 55:8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways” Here, God reveals a difficult truth to accept: We can never know God’s plan for our lives.

Therefore, we should not allow our ignorance to become resistance. We need to allow His plan to take place. Remember God always has good intentions. He created his children for good, to do good. He has a bright future planned for you even if it does not look like it right now. He crafted your life with pure intentions, out of love.

So how do we survive a season of transition in an ever-changing world? During this time, how do we prevent our mind from stopping the workings of the Spirit?

God laid this scripture in my heart during church’s sermon this morning:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

Even as God changes our world every moment of every day, God himself never changes. His love never changes. His grace never changes. His mercy never changes. His forgiveness never changes. His power never changes. At his core, God is the same heavenly father He’s always been.

In your season of transition, when the world around you is constantly changing and you can’t keep up, you can find stability in God. He can be your rock in the middle of your earthquake. His consistent love and blessings and grace can be your blanket of comfort if you just let Him cover you. Instead of resisting change, seek solace in the change-maker.

psalms 92


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