Worth Dying For

Last week on Good Friday, the day we recognize Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, God laid a single word on my heart to share: worth.

We were worth dying for. 

Jesus died on the cross and defeated death in his resurrection so that we may be washed clean of our sins, past, present and future. Because of Jesus’ death, we may have personal access to God.  We may have a personal relationship with Christ. We may have life, eternal life with God in His heavenly kingdom.

On Good Friday, my campus ministry had a worship service. The minute I walked in I knew the Holy Spirit was coming. You know when you can just sense Him, like, in the air?! I knew I had stepped a sacred place, so I sat there in reverence in God’s presence, and I asked Him for an out-of-body spiritual experience. His Spirit always delivers.

I’ve learned I can tell when I’m writing from my thoughts and from my Spirit. I can tell when He guides my hand. His word speaks to me, and I start writing and cannot stop for pages. I’m not thinking about what I’m writing. The words just end up on the page. The things that end up in my journal I couldn’t have thought of on my own. They’re thoughts that could only come from God. An out-of-body spiritual experience.  It is God’s gift stirring in me like II Timothy 1:6. It took me a while to realize that’s what was happening. And I know it sounds crazy.

You can call me crazy or you can call me faithful.

I want to share an example with you from Good Friday. Here is what God wants to say about me and you (whoever else this message is intended for) about worth:

God, you put a purpose, a holy calling, in me that sets me apart from my sin. I was worth dying for on the cross! Jesus died so that we could have access to God. God, your death means life. Your death means we may live eternally with you. You love us! You created us! You imbued purpose and goodness in us. You imbued a piece of You in us! We were made in Your image! You put that sin to death so that our goodness, your goodness, may shine through so that we may do your work and glorify You!

In dying you gave us worth. You made us more than our sin. You made us your heirs, heirs to your kingdom!

It’s because of your death, we may have life and inherit your kingdom. We may have a connection to you. We may have a relationship with you. I don’t know what I would do without being able to claim you as my own. As my Father! My Savior! My Redeemer! My Everything! I don’t know what I would do without our relationship that improves every day I do your work and shout your praise!

So what does worth mean in the context of Good Friday? Jesus died for us. It was worth it. We were worth it. God loves us. He made us and knew He could use us to do good, to do His will. Because of Jesus’ death, we are freed from our sins that chain us to this Earth so that we may turn from them and run towards God, pursuing Him, doing His work to glorify Him. Jesus death isn’t just about us. It’s about Him. Jesus’ death imbued worth in us. God placed His purpose in our lives.

This Easter weekend and every day after I declare my worth in the Lord. And so I must praise Him for giving such purpose and a gift to my life. God did not have to us anything. He doesn’t need us to perform miracles, but He chooses us because He loves us! He believes in our worth!

God believes you are worth it!


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