I wrote a poem!

As it is the season of midterms, I thought it’d be appropriate to share how God has become my peace this week. I’ve been processing, trying to wrap my head around, God as a Father, someone I can turn to and vent and go to with my problems. Tonight, during my Friday Night Sabbath, I tried a venting exercise where I wrote nonstop for the length of a song (From the Inside Out by Seventh Day Slumber) venting to God. I ended up needing two songs (Love Came Down by Kari Jobe). I followed the journaling with prayer, which turned into just talking to God. I forgot to say “In Jesus Name, Amen.” Oops. It’s okay, God knew I was talking to Him. Afterwards, I continued writing, and the Holy Spirit led me to write a poem, “Experiencing God as my peace.” How do I know it was the Holy Spirit moving from within me? Because I didn’t plan to write a poem. I didn’t think about it. I just started writing, and then realized it was a poem. Great job, Holy Spirit. Gotta Love Him. Here’s my poem:


Note: No this is not copyrighted, but I would appreciate you not copy and reuse it out of respect for a fellow writer. Please and thank you.

After writing that, I can’t be afraid of anything now. Anxiety is basically a sin. God commanded us against it (Philippians 4:6). For those of your stressing out tonight, on a Friday night of all times, I hope this was encouraging to you. Ask for His peace, give Him time, and he will answer your prayers. He will bringing an overwhelming sense of peace and joy and life. Let the Lord revive you.

Comment below with more scriptures you know about God’s peace.


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