A Renewed Understanding of His Grace | A Short Story

That awkward moment when you have a spiritual awakening in your Anthropology class …

During my Anthropology professor’s lecture, she was going through her field notes from an expedition she did in a hospital in Honduras. She paused at a photo in which she accidentally took a picture of an infant with “hydrocephelia” or Hydrocephalus, a chronic neurological condition involving swelling of the cranium. She talked about how Hydrocephalus was a growing issue in that area at that time. According to her, these babies typically lived only a year with their Hydrocephalus. Their mothers would spend a year caring for and staying in the hospital with their dying infant.

The whole class falls silent on this sad note. Little do they know, I’m there, sitting, breathing, and living with Hydrocephalus. (I explained my full experience with Hydrocephalus in this past post.)

Here, I am thinking, “One year?! I’m almost 20!”

It’s only by God’s grace, the fact I was born in America, and the advanced medical technologies of the 90s that I am alive today.

Looking back at that picture, I think, “That could have been me!”

God’s Grace (my understanding of it): His unwavering favor rooted in love

I thought of all that would not have happened had I not lived. All the words left unwritten. All the people I wouldn’t have met. All the lives God wouldn’t have touched through me. So I had to ask, “God, why spare me?”

The first word that came to me was purpose. I was put on God’s Earth for a reason. God sent me here with a job. With this, I felt a renewed sense of … I can’t exactly explain it. It was a mix of purpose, drive, responsibility and fervor, an encouragement to keep living for Him.

I have to serve Him. I have to praise Him because I. Owe. Him. Everything.

God spared my life. I can’t waste it! I believe it is my duty to make the best of the life he gave me.

The life that wasn’t supposed to last.

I hope my story encouraged someone today. Remember, God put you on this for a purpose. It’s more than seizing the day or living each day like it’s your last or YOLO. Living life is about fulfilling God’s purpose. Don’t waste God’s beautiful creation: your life!

After writing this post, I reread it and realized it’s a story. My first short story I’ve written in almost a year. Wow! I didn’t think I’d ever be able to write another story again. I made a short story about my experience without even realizing. The nonfiction flowed out of me without me even trying. Is this God’s gift activating within me? Whatever God is stirring in my life right now, I’m not sure what, but I know it’s exciting!

If this story touched you in any way, please join me in my daily praise as a daily practice with the #MyReasonToPraiseHim. Why do you praise him today? Let’s be a people who welcome Christ into our lives with open, loving arms. Let’s create an atmosphere of praise and worship. On the Internet and in our lives.

Feature image courtesy: thanks Pinterest and the website “What’s Your Grief”


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