Daily Praise as a Daily Practice – My New New Years Resolution

It’s still January. I can still add to my New Years resolutions.

This additional resolution is inspired by Bethel Music. A few days ago, I watched Bethel Music’s movie for their new album. Listening to their new album, I settled on and repeated one of the tracks, “Ever Be.” (I can’t get enough of that song!) I posted about this song a few days ago. The song made me realize how I need to praise God without ceasing. Therefore, in my new years resolution, I vow to take time to praise God every day.  Today, I want to praise Him publicly on this blog. Why? I had a good day.


  1. I woke up sore from my workout yesterday. This was the best feeling because I knew I worked hard yesterday. Thank you God for strong, functioning muscles.
  2. I secured credit for my internship this coming semester. Thank you God!
  3. I could afford a delicious nutritious lunch. Thank you God for providing!
  4. I traveled into another neighborhood, walking on busy sidewalks, and returned back to campus safely. Thank you God for protecting me!
  5. I learned how my past blog posts have touched and blessed readers lives so much so that they share You with others. Thank you God for speaking through me!
  6. I invited a girl from my small group to our worship service tonight. Thank you God!
  7. I live in a country where I can freely profess my faith in You without persecution or threats to my life. Thank you God!
  8. I would go on, but this blog post would be so long, you wouldn’t want to read it.

Thank you God for another blessed day!

I encourage everyone reading this to make a praise list just as I have.  Pray it back to God in a form of worship and praise. The challenge is to praise him not only on the good days, but the bad days, too. The ugly days. The rainy days. The today-just-isn’t-my-day days. The crying-yourself-to-sleep days.

Every day.


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