The New Anthem to My Life featuring Bethel Music

Your praise will ever be on my lips aka my new daily mantra

“Your love is enduring through the winter rain
And beyond the horizon with mercy for today

Faithful You have been and faithful you will be
You pledge yourself to me and it’s why I sing

Your praise will ever be on my lips, ever be on my lips

You will be praised! You will be praised!
With angels and saints, we sing worthy are You, Lord!”

I hope this song and its lyrics speak to you as much as they speak to me. Praise and worship. That is our daily duty to God. Continuous praise without ceasing. Praise, His praise should always be on our lips, flowing from our mouths worship His mighty name. It’s the least we can do. We don’t need any from him or anyone to simply lift up a voice of praise to our Lord and Savior. They love us unconditionally. Just think about how good our God is. Our God is more than loving; He is merciful. He is generous. He is faithful. He is almighty. He is worthy of all the praise! Therefore, I encourage you to watch this video and sing along to the song as your own little devotional worship time with God. Praise him with me!

Sing it out, chant it, even scream it if you have to! Give God the praise full of honor and glory he deserves every day He gives you!


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