The Best, Most Imperfect Love Story Ever | Fifty Shades of Grey Review

Aren’t we all living, breathing Christian Greys? Beautiful, flawed, internally tortured creatures. 

What an impressive novel.

It is not the dirty pornographic garbage I thought it was going to be from the way it’s been described. This is a beautifully written, intense love story. I could not put my Kindle down the entire time. Each time I tried, Christian Grey just beckoned me back. I couldn’t get his sweet nothings out my head. This book took about four days for the 516 pages, which is incredibly fast for me, a slow reader.

I mean if you are sensitive to sex scenes don’t read it, but there’s only two BDSM scenes. Two. This novel isn’t all about the BDSM or sex. It’s about Christian and Ana’s relationship.

So Many Twilight References!

I don’t know if I was the only person to notice this, but the beginning of this book was SO much like Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

Similarities between Twilight and FSOG

  • Ana is awkward and clumsy like Bella
  • She becomes obsessed with Christian Grey
  • Christian is this beautiful mysterious man everyone loves
  • Christian loathes himself the same way Edward does
  • Christian tells Ana he’s bad for him
  • The novel is set in Seattle, Washington

That’s probably why I liked it so much. I was a Twilight fan in my adolescence. The biggest difference between FSOG and Twilight? The ending

Why this isn’t your average love story

Initially, I did not like the ending. I was angry. All that character building and sweet words and at the end of the day, Christian didn’t love her?! Absolutely infuriating. I cheered Ana on when she left him. I expected her to be happy that she was free, but instead she becomes very remorseful and depressed.

After much thought, I learned to like the sad ending. I realized how realistic this ending is. Most love stories end in sadness, but that’s never the end of the relationship. Thankfully there are two more books.

What Should Really Be on the FSOG Soundtrack
Stay with me by Sam Smith
Dont look back by Miguel
Adorn by Miguel
Flawless by Beyonce
Get on your knees by Nicki Minaj
Flawed beautiful creatures by Stacy Barthe
This is what makes us girls by Lana Del Ray

It all comes down to LOVE

I disagree with Ana. We, even Christian, are capable of love. We can only recognize love if we know love for ourselves in someone else. (Italicize) Ana knew and felt the love her mother so she had the capacity to love Christian. Christian did not know the love of Mrs. Robinson. He thinks he does, but she is a pedophile. Her love wasnt real love. She made him twisted. Beat demons into him. That love isn’t real. Therefore, Christian doesn’t know love and cannot recognize that his feelings for Ana are love.

And no, I will not see the movie. I’ll probably end up crying my eyes out in the end.

Rating: fifty thousand stars and then some applause. I will most definitely read this again. I highly recommend.


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