Amazon Kindle HD 7 | A Review

From a first time tablet owner:

kindle fire hd 7

Description from Amazon

Powerful, full-featured 7-inch Fire HD tablet—fast quad-core processor, HD display, front and rear cameras, stereo speakers, and five color choices

Behind My Buying Decision
Just a little background, I didn’t get my first smartphone (my current iPhone 5) until my senior year of high school. I got my first laptop six months later. (the Macbook Pro) Yes, I am a loyal Apple customer, but these are my honest, unbiased opinions. Amazon did not pay me to say any of this or influence this post. So I’m kind of behind on the latest technology trends. For the longest time, I did not understand why I would ever need a tablet or what is the purpose for one.

Then, iOS 8 came out and my 16GB iPhone did not have enough room for it because of all the apps on my phone. Even after deleting unnecessary apps, text messages, and photos, I still did not have enough room. Therefore, I needed a medium device. My phone is for calling and texting communication and apps I need on me constantly. My laptop is strictly for schoolwork. What about ebooks? TV Shows? Movies? Pinterest? Personal Emails?

Thus, I needed a tablet for the following reasons:

  1. As a college student, I have a lot of books so much so that it is difficult to fit them all in my small dorm room. Any professor that doesn’t use textbooks, puts all the reading online in 30 page + PDF files that are a pain to print even double-sided.
  2. I needed to clean apps off my iPhone
  3. I haven’t read for pleasure in forever.
  4. So I do not have to lug around my laptop to meetings
  5. So I can watch TV and movies on a bigger screen than my laptop

After the Buy
As a loyal Apple customer, the Kindle originally seemed very low-tech. It’s not nice shiny aluminum or sleek and paper-thin. Mine has a blue backing that feels like plastic.


  • Cannot get Google Apps (no Youtube app, Google docs or Google Drive) 😦
  • cheaper design,
  • cannot personalize home screen or lock screen,
  • Facebook app design unorganized,
  • fewer apps available compared to iPad/iPhone

So I see why people splurge for the iPad mini. It has more personalization like a home screen. You can get more and better looking apps. More companies need to make apps for the Android store not just the Apple and Google stores.

However, what the Amazon Kindle describes itself as, the features Amazon highlights, it does beautifully


  • Great WordPress app,
  • Kindle book store,
  • books are crisp, clear,  and easy to read
  • HD bright and clear display for TV shows and movies,
  • Amazon Prime (like Netflix has free TV Shows and movies)

Overall, this tablet is perfect for reading and watching videos. If you, like me, cannot splurge on an iPad, but want a tablet for reading books and watching movies and TV shows, then the Kindle Fire HD is for you!

Why Kindle books are better than iBooks (from Apple)

  1. Kindle Books are cheaper (most are $7 or less!)
  2. Access to more books than I would before in a bookstore or iBooks
  3. Easier to navigate than iBooks (Categories)
  4. Kindle Lending Library

Thanks to my new tablet, I have begun to read for pleasure again! I missed being such an avid reader! 🙂 Yesterday, I finished my first Kindle book: Departure by AG Riddle. Review coming soon…

Final Rating:    

five stars


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