My Definition of Feminism

For my fellow ladies,

Now Playing: Get on Your Knees by Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande

“If you want to get the job, you better know who’s the boss!”

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat lately. And I know what it’s really about. I know it’s a dirty sex song, but I hear a message of strength in it. Even with the sexual undertones, Nicki Minaj had other underlying significant meanings to the lyrics.

She makes a good point. Traditionally, women have been expected to submit to men especially in the bedroom. In our primal nature to reproduce, it almost seems natural for the man to take control. Literally. But why should man take control of a body that is not his? Ergo, Nicki Minaj demands the woman take charge.  I agree. Have the confidence and boldness to speak for what’s best for you.

Men like confidence. But don’t let your confidence be for them. You don’t have to be anyone for anyone. In your confidence, unleash your inner boss. That’s you, my fellow woman. You can take charge, give the orders and be the boss.

I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with that. We must not let men see us as inferior, as their submissive counterparts. Men should see us as their equal partners. Yes, men and women are biologically different. Those differences should not be ignored, but they shouldn’t hold us back either. Men should see us women as their equal partners in the workplace, in service in the military, on the street, in the home, and, as Nicki Minaj points out, in the bedroom.

In that equal partnership, as a feminist, all I ask for is some well-deserved respect.


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