Once again, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but God does

In order to equip yourself with the word, you must know the word. Read it. Interpret it. Talk about it with God. Take what God says through the word to your heart. Commit it to memory. And then spread his word in whatever way best. For me it just so happens to be this blog.

Last night, God laid a verse on my heart in a dream. II Timothy 2:1

You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen bible verses–God’s word, God’s voice–in my dreams before. I wonder what that means.

When I say God spoke to me in a dream, I don’t mean in the way it happened in the bible. No, an angel from heaven did not dramatically descend down and speak to me in my sleep. To be honest, before now, I didn’t know God spoke to people in their dreams outside the Bible.

Long story short, I had a dream where I went to the dentist for a cleaning, which IRL I did earlier that day. Something went wrong and I had to come the next day. Next, I went to my school where freshman orientation was going on. I was in our student center when I realized I had to go to my appointment. There was three of us. One of the students led us through a bunch of restricted hidden passages in the student center. We ended up in an old Victorian mansion in Thailand. I ended up with a bible in my hand searching for comfort and strength. I landed on II Timothy 2:1. The minute I recognized the verse, I woke up.

How do I interpret this dream? When I first read II Timothy I tried to pick out verses that jumped out at me to commit to memory, but I always have trouble memorizing bible verses. But the fact that God repeated that verse to me God pointed me to that scripture. I think that means that is the verse I must memorize. That is the verse God has laid in my heart and my head to share with world.

As always, my story is for someone else.

Now, I’m writing a story about my dream. And you, my viewers, got an exclusive preview! As I’ve said before, I feel God is prompting me to write again, to use the God-given gift to glorify him and fulfill what purpose he has for me. Therefore, I started this blog. When I first started, I asked Him to tell me what to write about. God always answers your prayers.



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