The Musings of your Typical Introverted Writer

I am the typical, future-minded introvert who must constantly reflect on life and critically analyze myself.

Public Introspection

After reaching my 10 post milestone on this blog, I thought it would be time to reflect on my past posts. When I began this blog, I didn’t know what to write about. These past ten posts are what resulted. Going through them, I realize I did not mean for this blog to become all about God. Seeing Him so much in my writing makes me realize how much of Him is in me. The Holy Spirit is real. It makes sense. My life is all about Him. What else would I write about.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog. It gets easier each post. Writing this blog has been therapeutic. Writing this blog at the end of my day puts me at peace with the world. Writing this blog has become a part of my devotional time with God.  Writing this blog has redefined worship to me. It does not have to be singing or dancing or shouting or praying. Worship is about praising God through creating an intimate connection with Him. I do those things as much as the next Christian, but through writing this blog, I have learned how to use my talent to praise and glorify Him. This revelation motivates me to write more than ever. Writing this blog is my unique form of worship. It’s different from writing in my journal. I’m not writing intimately with Him, but declaring my praises to him publicly.

Lastly, writing this blog has made it easier for me to write in general. Yesterday’s post inspired a poem from me. This is an outlet for the thoughts I just cannot keep in my head because God doesn’t want me to. Like I’ve said before:

My story is for someone else.

Now, I  ask you readers. What do you think of my blog? The content, photos, layout, fonts, colors, design. I want your feedback. I am open to constructive criticism. I know there’s a lot of risk in asking this question. But by writing a blog, I have to remember I am not just talking to myself. I write with a purpose. To communicate something meaningful to someone else.


What I’m listening to: Spirit Break out by Kim Walker-Smith (as the spirit breaks out of me in this very moment) and 7/11 by Beyoncé (I know it’s not very Christian, but Beyoncé is the soundtrack of my life. She is also Lady B!)

What I’m reading: The Book of II Timothy (speaks power into my life!!)


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