My Six Cents on Ferguson

I warned you this post was coming. If you don’t want to hear this or disagree, just click out. Before you read this, you should know I am a black woman (moderate democrat/feminist) going to a liberal college in Washington DC where this a hot issue. The black community at my school held an on campus protest including a die-in and march.  I also have family in St Louis who waiting outside the courthouse to hear the decision and are affected by the current violence in that area. We made it to Buzzfeed. Now that you know where I’m coming from, let’s go:

Things that bother me about Ferguson

1. The violent looting and protests was probably the worst thing black people in Ferguson could have done. They make us look bad.

2. I HATE that people are clumping all these cases together. Whether it’s Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin. These are NOT all cases of racism.

3. In fact, I do NOT believe Ferguson is a race issue. I do not think the cop was racist. He was innocent. Michael Brown was dangerous. Anyone would have been threatened by him regardless of their race. Honestly ask yourself, if you were in that situation, would you have shot him in the head? I think I would have. The officer shot him multiple times and the wounds to the leg and hand and arm, but none of those stopped him. I don’t know if Michael Brown would have killed him. But if I was the officer, I would have been afraid of that too. What if the officer did not shoot him in the head and instead Michael Brown killed him? Would the jury have let Michael Brown walk if he said it was out of self defense? 

This is a moral issue. The fact that the officer did not go to jail means the jury was okay with letting a murderer loose on the streets. That might be more danger than cops. If a person commits murder, I don’t care if it was out of anger or a mistake or self-defense. Murder is wrong by law and by the 10 Commandments. Murder is illegal. No one should get away with murder.

4. People on Facebook (esp people at my school aka overly opinionated students) immediately reacted to the case as soon as it hit the news without properly evaluating the situation. As a not very opinionated person, I found this so annoying. They didn’t wait a few days for the reporters to get their facts straight, read the court case, and read stories from multiple news outlets the way I did. (I am a past aspiring journalist so I know how to check my news properly) Most people just went along with their friends. Black people thought they were betraying their race if they didn’t support the cause. I know I did. But I still refuse to do so.

5. Everybody calm down! People are seriously overreacting. This is not a revolution. This is not another Civil Rights Movement. The black race is not being attacked by the white police force. I understand one needs to find pride in one’s race, but this must be balanced with national pride in one’s country. Ferguson protestors are essentially speaking against democracy and American values, which isn’t totally biblical, but not all bad.

6. Yes, Martin Luther King probably wouldn’t have been proud of the black community today, but you have to remember MLK was a reverend. His views are based in the Bible. So we shouldn’t be saying, what would MLK do in this situation? We should be asking ourselves, what would Jesus Christ do in this situation? He wouldn’t get angry against others. As my paster said on Sunday, God is not colorblind. “God made color so why would you be blind to it?” As said in Genesis, we are all made in the likeness of God. Everyone from every race is welcome to heaven. No race is better than another, so African Americans should not have contempt towards white people. That is not of God. How can we say we love God, when we don’t love our brother?!

Clearly, I do not have the view of most African Americans which is why I haven’t posted anything about it on social media. I refuse to fuel the media cacophony and mass hysteria. Regardless, I am not a racist or hate my race. But I stand by my Lord and Savior before anyone else. In the aftermath of Ferguson, we, Americans, need to stop angrily ranting our opinions and protesting. We need to stop generalizing white cops as racist and black.  Instead, we need to make peace with each other by expressing love and kindness.

We must meet this hate with love.

famous photo of cop hugging boy


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