The Best Way to End a Day? Blogging!

As a typical type A personality, I am multitasking right now, writing this and watching Game of Thrones. I have no clue where I left off, so I’m click episodes to see.  I am so many kinds of warm and relaxed and comfy and at peace with the world right now.

#Whippedintoshape: Ended today with a workout. Burned 200 calories running almost 2 miles. It was BOMB! Workouts always make me feel better. Now, I’m in my bed early. I’m going to go the bed on time (probably not it’s GOT) and get up early for another workout! woo!! tomorrow’s a leg day.

Shoutouts to my fave Youtubers: Today, I want to talk about how much I love vlogs. Today, I watched the Nive Nulls, TpindellTV, and AprilJustinTV. I’m a new subscriber to the Nive Nulls so I watched their love story and birth stories for background. Austin and Britt, if you’re reading this, I love your videos! Your story is so beautiful! And Austin, you are SO funny. Don’t change I cannot get enough of listening to him. I watch AprilJustinTV everyday. Like, you guys are a part of my routine. I can’t go a day without you. I love how you call us your friends. It makes me feel as if I’m a part of your life. As someone who’s never been out West, life in California is so interesting! That’s one of the benefits of Youtube. People can experience life from all around the world without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Tpindell (sorry if I misspelled that) what is your real name? You made such a good point about Ferguson that almost exactly matches my view. (Blog coming soon)

Shoutout to all the police out there that’s protecting us. Just because a couple of officers do wrong things doesn’t mean everybody does wrong things. And just because a couple black folk out there do wrong things doesn’t mean all the black folks bad either. Shoutout to all the police for all the support!

Love you ❤ You should do a meet up in DC so I can meet you in person. Check out his full video “Purple Hair Rocks” on Youtube.

I find that lifestyle interesting. How do you get used to having a camera constantly in your face all the time? How do you get comfortable sharing everything? Well, I guess it’s the same as blogging.

On this blog, I have the space to say whatever I want. I can be transparent. I don’t have to worry about whose seeing this or being judged. Or grammar for that matter. I also know I don’t have that large of an audience. For now. 

The reason I’m multitasking is because I can never look at GOT straight on. It’s so graphic. I look away for a lot of it. This makes it much more manageable. GOT is also one of those shows where you either have to watch with someone to explain it or you have to keep notes by you to understand everything. Who can remember all those characters?! Haha I’m watching the opening scene of Season 3 Episode 3. That awkward when you’re the designated archer, but you just CAN”T shoot an arrow. lol.

Alright, GOT is getting good. Have a good night!




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