Spiders, Amens, and Photoshop

I don’t expect anyone to care about/read this. There are many thoughts in my mind I have to get them out. And journaling takes too long. That’s basically what this blog is for: putting my thoughts on electronic paper so I can sort things out and make sense of this world. So here we go:

Church (duh): Today was my last Sunday before I go home. The Christmas carols finally got me in the holiday mood. Before because of finals, it didn’t feel like the Christmas season yet. Now it does! Pastor preached from Isaiah 6 and Acts 10, Isaiah and Peter’s encounters with God. He connected it to Ferguson and made some good points, but I don’t want to give too much away. My rant about Ferguson will be coming soon.

Homework: I have to write this here because if I post this as a Facebook status, everyone will hate me. Finals weeks hasn’t even started and I ‘m done with all more work. Everything. I finished my final graphic design project (a album cover made in Photoshop) due Tuesday. I finished a one page group evaluation due tomorrow. I only have one exam period to go to What constructive am I supposed to do with all this time?!

Dinner: I used my second to last meal swipe in TDR. It looked like they hadn’t cleaned in days. Half eaten plates of food and dirty napkins everywhere. Bleh. That awkward moment when you walk in to a cafeteria and NOTHING looks good. Oops, too late to go back! I had a bite of rice with mini shrimp, a bite of egg noodles, a piece of pork that tasted like salty ham, some salad that was mainly cucumbers drenched in dressing, a cup of pineapple, and a piece of cake.  In case you’re wondering, yes I am tiny and skinny. I really tried for a balanced meal, but TDR made that almost impossible. Meanwhile, an ant crawls into my salad and a spider scurries past my elbow. Dear TDR, I won’t miss you.

What I’m Listening to: Pretty Hurts by Beyonce aka my feminist anthem

Things I’m reading: Things to Do on Sunday to Stay Fit all Week #fitspiration


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